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KBL – Crazy Never Goes Out of Style
January 28, 2010, 01:18
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Oh, yes! We know you are sitting on the edge of your seats, shaking with anticipation of this week’s pills… and don’t worry, Kissed By Lithium won’t disappoint!

Up first we have Fioricet, a sexy casual outfit : Fioricet includes a sheer black lace shrug (Which you can wear alone if you’re feeling naughty), and a lace covered tube top and capris. You can get this pill in blue, green, red or dark grey.

Next on our weekly dosage is Buspar. This is a seductive and erotic set, with a corset, gloves, garter belt, panties, stockings and a skirt that you can wear over the lingerie to make a sexy outfit to wear out, or leave the skirt behind and you’ve got gorgeous lingerie. Buspar can be picked up in red, green, purple, and blue.

Finally we have our freebie of the week, which is a set of teeny tiny shredded tanks, one in a teal plaid, and one in a pink plaid. Very hot, come get it!


KBL – Your Dealer.
January 21, 2010, 20:42
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Greetings everybody from your SL Fashion Dealer; Kissed By Lithium. This week we’ve got two fantastic pills for you, and of course, a new freebie as well. Read on to get all the details.

First up is Norco, a gorgeous doll type dress with a luscious three layered skirt in four different jeweltones. You can pick up Norco in Green, Red, Purple or Brown.

Then we have Provera, a sparkling cyberpunk-ish fishnet covered dress set. Provera includes fishnet stockings, a black corset, matching gloves, and a dress with a fishnet coated skirt. You can get Provera in Black & Silver, Black & Teal, Black & Purple or Black & Gold.

Finally, for our freebie this week we have a set of shirts, a tank for female, a tee for men, that display just who your fashion dealer is! These shirts are free to grab in the main store all week.

KBL – Say What?
January 7, 2010, 22:51
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It’s finally 2010, and we here at Kissed By Lithium are wanting to get you started off right. I think you’ll agree, we’ve got lots of goodies to get the year going good for you!

First up, we continue our shirt line, with a revamped selection of our “Say What?” Tee line, as well as men’s (unisex) to go with them! If you’ve got something to say, say it with these tees : Abused, Amused, Confused, Bored or Spank Me, Lick Me, Bite Me, and Eat Me or Blow Me. Tee’s are available in fatpacks aswell as singles.

Then onto the free stuff. It’s a new month, so we’ve got a new group gift, a cute little number that you’ll just have to snag. Remember to have your group tag active when you click it!

Our freebie this week is a snowflake upper body tattoo, since snow seems to be on everyone’s lips this time of year!

Lastly, we’ve put brand new prizes in the Midnight Mania’s, the lucky chair, and the lucky cupcake! Tons of free stuff to bring home, so give it a whirl!

KBL – Your Holiday Fashion Dealer
December 23, 2009, 18:17
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It’s that time again, time for your dealer to deliver your latest fix! We’re a little early this week, but we figured you’d want a chance to grab some KBL before you toddled off for the holiday. We’ve got some fabulous pills for you this week, as well as a holiday freebie.

First up is Prilosec, a short and sassy number, just right for the cooler weather. Prilosec includes a sweater shrug, a tank and a teeny denim mini skirt to show off those fabulous legs of yours. You can grab it in Green, Purple, Blue or Red.

Next up is a pill so festive we decided to release it this week, in case you want to wear it for Christmas. Coreg is a snazzy velour dress with a fur trimmed skirt. This is available in Red, Green, Dark Grey or Blue.

For our freebie this week, we have a tshirt dress perfect for the holidays, “Ho Ho Ho” is printed on it. Yes, this is a chrismtas dress, though if you want to wear it for some other reason…

Just a reminder that our Peace on Earth Hunt gift is still available, just hunt out the globe in the store and it can be yours. Also, our christmas items are still up for grabs, and Santa is still giving you a shot at winning them for free.

We’d like to wish you all a happy holiday season..and as a teaser, we have a very special pill week coming up soon…more details later! *winks*

Twistedly Yours,
Kissowa Kamachi
Marja Languish

KBL – New pills & Candy Cane Freebie!
December 20, 2009, 15:35
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We know you’ve probably got the jitters by now, waiting for your new pills, but don’t worry, here they are! We’ve got two new pills for you this week, plus an adorable freebie… read on for more.

First up is Actos, a sassy, sexy outfit complete with a gorgeous silk skirt and midriff tank. It also includes panties, but the daring among you can wear without them! Actos comes in four colors Aqua, Caramel, Crimson and Purple.

Next we have Xyzal, an adorable lolita style doll dress. This dress features a mulit layered, laced lolita skirt, a laced dress, a short jacket, gloves and knee socks and an intricate laced collar. Xyzal comes in four colors, Pink, Blue, Black and Purple.

Now for our freebie this week, we have something special for you. A doll key made out of candy canes. Be sure to drop in to get yours and don’t forget Santa and all of our christmas items are still available!

KBL – Have you taken your medicine yet?
December 11, 2009, 22:48
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No? Well luckily for you, we got some right here.

To lower your skyhigh bloodpressure (we know you all suffer from it this time of year) we got Mavik; a fun, flirty set just waiting for you to slip on! It features a pair of side zippered black pants, a belly ring, and two sexy bandana shirts. Mavik is available in Blue, green, purple or red.

And for those of you who can’t sleep here some Stilnoct, a versatile T-shirt dress that comes with satin capris. You can wear the dress on it’s own, with capris under or tucked into your capris. Everything on all possible layers and in four colors; Red, blue, pink and purple.

For our freebie this week we offer you a silver cuff style choker adorned with red and green flowers.

Have a Happy Pillday!
Twistedly Yours
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish

Santa barfed all over KBL!

Okay, you junkies, we know you’re suffering from withdrawal because we’re late with you’re pills, but just wait and read on, there’s so much coming at you this week you might have an overdose! PS. Make sure you read til you find out the big holiday news we have for you!

First up we have our two new pills for the week:

Fedrin is a perfect wintry outfit for the cold days ahead with it’s warm sweater and clingy leggings. It features a sweater that can be worn with or without the sculpted collar and a pair of tight, wool leggings. You can buy Fedrin in four colors : Green, purple, red or black.

Papacon is a hot, sultry short set with a low-cut tied up shirt. It comes with an optional star tattoo for your chest, a shirt with sculpted prim knot, and two pairs of shorts, one with cut out stars and one without. You can pick up Papacon in four colors : Red, purple, blue, and yellow.

Next up we have a new group gift out. Yes, we did notice that it’s December, and hopefully you did too! Our group gift for the month features a shirt, fur trimmed skirt and panties. Make sure you have the Kissed by Lithium group active when you click the sign to get yours.

For our weekly freebie, we offer you two shredded tanks, one with a holiday background and one in red. Make sure you grab your set today!

Onto the super huge big news! Kissed by Lithium has been visited by Santa, and he’s got no less than eight fantastic gifts to offer you! Wait for your letter to come up and they can all be yours! (The letter changes every 10 minutes) If you don’t want to wait for santa, you can buy the gifts from the display next to the jolly fellow!

Also, the Peace on Earth Hunt 2 is going on right now, and it comes through KBL. Hunt out a big globe and our hunt gift will be yours!

As always,
Twistedly Yours,
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish