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KBL – Have you taken your medicine yet?
December 11, 2009, 22:48
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No? Well luckily for you, we got some right here.

To lower your skyhigh bloodpressure (we know you all suffer from it this time of year) we got Mavik; a fun, flirty set just waiting for you to slip on! It features a pair of side zippered black pants, a belly ring, and two sexy bandana shirts. Mavik is available in Blue, green, purple or red.

And for those of you who can’t sleep here some Stilnoct, a versatile T-shirt dress that comes with satin capris. You can wear the dress on it’s own, with capris under or tucked into your capris. Everything on all possible layers and in four colors; Red, blue, pink and purple.

For our freebie this week we offer you a silver cuff style choker adorned with red and green flowers.

Have a Happy Pillday!
Twistedly Yours
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish


New Pills incoming.
September 8, 2009, 22:09
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New releases this week include capri’s in a multitude of colors and the smallest miniskirt ever.

Starting of with Zydol; a silky smooth, satin line of capris. These capris are paired into color shade packs of three, or you can purchase the entire set for a savings. They are a smart, sexy pair of capris that will lend itself well to almost any shoe or top!


Fatpack, Black/Purple/Blue, Red/Pink/Salmon or Gray/Tan/Silver.

Zetia, the naughtiest peasant outfit you’ll ever find. Forget the long, flowing skirts. This outfit comes with an ultra short, revealing skirt done up in a sweet floral pattern. It’s paired with a classic peasant top to bring out the color of the flowers in the skirt. This outfit is available in four summery colors, Lavender Fields, Apple Fields, Lemon Fields and Peach Fields.


Nobligan Bracelets a stunning set of bracelets, with shimmery gold connected with beads of either emerald, topaz, ruby or sapphire. This pair of bracelets will stand out and draw attention to you no matter where you go!


Dolorex, a sassy sweater dress to take you into fall! It has a sleeveless design to show off your gorgeous arms and a belted short skirt to show off those legs! Dolorex is available in four colors : Purple, Blue, Olive and Salmon.


Toprol; a gorgeous, sequined gown with a renaissance flair. This long gown has a v cut neck to show a bit of cleavage, and the half sleeves end in flexi prim poofs. This dress seems a bit on the medieval side with it’s belted skirt, but whatever period it’s from, it will look eye catching on you and set you apart from the crowd. The skirt on this gown is excellent for dancing! Toprol is available in Green , Blue, Plum and Red.


Come get them @ Kissed By Lithium.

New Store and New Release.
August 5, 2009, 15:30
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Kissed by Lithium had some poultry problems, so we needed to move our store. It’s finally finished, located in a nice lagfree business sim. So delete you old LM’s and go here instead!


We also release a new jewelery set; Kissed By Lithium: Activella. This set declares you’re a woman. Shout it to the world, and let them take note of this beautifully designed necklace, lipring and earrings, to make one outstanding jewelery set.

It comes in Gold and Silver, and to celebrate our new store, the gold set is half-off, only in store. That’s 50L for the whole set, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.


Activella Gold On Xstreet


Activella Silver on Xstreet or get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium

Enjoy the new store, we sure will!

Twistedly Yours
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish.

KBL: Treble for Men.
July 6, 2009, 20:22
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Kissed By Lithium: Treble for Men.
I’ve made these necklace for women before but I got a request to do one on a chain more appropriate for a man. So here it is, in both Gold and Silver.


In Silver on Xstreet


In Gold on Xstreet
or get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium.

KBL: Nexium
July 3, 2009, 03:06
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This stunning set offers three strands of beaded elegance. The set includes a choker and two bracelets. Dress up a casual outfit with this versatile set, or add a bit of fire to a formal dress! Available in Fire Opal, Sapphire and Onyx.


Get KBL: Nexium Sapphire on Xstreet


Get KBL: Nexium Fire Opal on Xstreet


Get KBL: Nexium Onyx on Xstreet
Or get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium.

KBL: Valium
June 24, 2009, 22:27
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KBL: Valium Complete Outfit! Perfect for those rave nights, techno, dance parties, for the neko or party girl in you! Includes choker, bangles, shirt, skirt and legwarmers.

valiumGet it on Xstreet or InWorld.

GLBT HuntGift
June 24, 2009, 02:18
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Kissed By Lithium is in the GLBT Hunt and here’s what we’re giving away:


Kissed by Lithium: Queer Necklace in Silver.
The gift hides inside a rainbowcolored flag somewhere in the store.
You have untill June 30th to grab it for free.