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KBL: Imovane (We Can Haz Store!)
July 2, 2009, 17:09
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KBL: Imovane comes in a million colors (ok, 7) and contains a sheer haltertop, a bikini and some surfershorts (with a prim bow). We entered the blue version of this into the Hotel Dare contest “I can haz store?” and we actually came in sixth place, which earns us a branch store on their premisses. Yay for us!
I’ll post a slurl and pics when we’re all set up in our second crib.


KBL: Imovane in Blue on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Pink on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Orange on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Black on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Red on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Green on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Purple on Xstreet
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