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KBL: Vicodin
August 19, 2009, 20:02
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Kissed by Lithium presents Vicodin, a lovely sequined party gown, flexi of course in four colors! This dress has a slightly low cut corset and not quite floor length gown so that you can show off your stunning shoes or favorite boots! Included in this set is two sculpted scarves, one white scarf and one colored to match the gown. Tie on one of these and you’re ready to hit the town with this party dress! Also includes stockings. Try it in one or more colors today!


Vicodin Gold on Xstreet


Vicodin Purple on Xstreet

vicodin blue

Vicodin Blue on Xstreet


Vicodin Red on Xtreet
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KBL: Concerta + Dollarbie
July 22, 2009, 04:59
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KBL: Concerta.

This cute little doll dress is sure to brighten your day, with it’s lace design, prim bow, satin underskirt and stockings. Even lace bloomers! It might have been every girl’s dream to be a ballerina, and in this dress, you’re sure to be feeling one step from center stage. Four adorable colors to choose from; Blue, Lilac, Pink and White.


Get Lilac on Xstreet


Get Blue on Xstreet


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Get White on Xstreet
(Psst, this is the dollarbie, but only for a little while, so come snatch it.)

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KBL: Ativan & Seroquel
July 16, 2009, 02:08
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Two new releases today, Marja’s been a busy bee.

KBL: Ativan. This outfit is a breath of fresh air for the summer months. It includes a bikini, a detailed flowered choker, and a breezy skirt with rope belt to pull it all together. Comes in Blue, Aqua, Dark Pink and Dusty Pink.


KBL: Seroquel: This dress is perfect for your inner doll, with it’s cute design and fluffy skirt, includes choker that matches the skirt’s belt. Seroquel doll dress is available in six different colors. Try one or several for your inner doll or for any party or dress up affair! Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Silver & Purple.


Or you can get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium.