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KBL: 2 Pills and Halloween Specials.
October 22, 2009, 20:06
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Lots of stuff coming out this week, so let’s get going.

Keppra is a multi piece set, hot enough for the club or daring enough for the bedroom! It includes two sheer silky tanks, a bikini top and booty shorts. Keppra comes in four color sets : Red, Gold, Green and Purple.



Yavita is a sassy dress set totally loaded with options! It comes with two different colored dress tops and three, that’s right three seperate skirts! So if you’re in the mood for a tight, sexy dress, or a short, flirty, dress or even an elegant ballgown, this set has you covered!

Comes in 6 different sets, Watermelon (Pink/Green), Berries (Red/Purple), Metallic (Gold/Silver), Bruised (Black/blue), Sunrise (Yellow/Orange) & Seaspray (Teal/Moss).



For Halloween we got  Twisted Dorothy. What would Dorothy have looked like after a long day in Oz if things had gone terribly wrong? This blood splattered version of the classic  Dorothy dress will get you thinking about what could have happened! Includes blood stained dress and stockings, with a set of panties. Also available in a non bloody version, for the faint of heart.


This week is new MM week, which means they are restocked with new goodies. We also have a brand new freebie, orange stiletto’s with bat ornaments,  perfect for the Halloween season. Grab it @ Kissed By Lithium.



Pills for Men and Pills for Halloween.
October 2, 2009, 06:21
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Kissed by Lithium is hard at work to pimp our pills across the grid and in our quest for grid domination we’re now breaking new ground. Proudly presenting our first outfit for men; Nebido. Nebido blends simple and classy together to bring you this casual outfit. Nebido includes a V neck shirt with a low key design, and a pair of black jeans. This outfit is perfect for anywhere your SL might take you. Choose between Galaxy, Music, Barcode and Dreamcatcher.



The Halloween craze starts earlier and earlier each year and we can’t help but get sucked into it of course. Presenting one kickass Halloween Outfit, a darling doll dress with a silver spiderweb pattern overlayed on sequins. It includes the dress with ballerina skirt, matching stockings and a fully scripted doll key with rotate and inlaid color changing gems. This dress is available in six frightful holiday themed colors. Blood, Candy Corn, Ghoul, Night, Potion and Pumpkin. Snatch up one or more to wear throughout the halloween holiday!



The doll key is also sold separately in both Gold and Silver.


Did you really think that was it? Hah! We’re changing out our freebie of course. This week you’ll get a pack of two tube tops. One with an Asian-inspired pattern and one in a dark denim. Come to the store to pick them up!