Kissed By Lithium

Wound up? Have a Valium.
July 14, 2009, 07:14
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When I come across someone who’s gotten a kick out of one of our outfits I get this special giggly type happyness in my chest. I’m sure you know the feeling, it’s kind of like getting that ever so wanted Christmas Present, eventhough you were sure you wouldn’t.

So, Emerald Wynn made my day. A few days ago I asked a few bloggers if they would consider taking a look at our shop, Emerald was one of these. Little did I know a whole storm had run around her the past few days concerning the humorous “be or not to be” when naming things (outfits, hunts, stores) after pills.

I’m now pleased to see that it looks like Emerald has seen another side of the coin and that she enjoyed our shop (and our valium). Yay for us, Yay for her!

And for clarification, for those who wan’t it. Kissed By Lithium is not an attempt at making fun of diseases, disorders or anything of such. It’s a way to hopefully help loosen the stigma that is mental illness and doing so in a happy, go-lucky way. Both designers have or have had experience in this in some way (and been on some of the pills for that matter). We try hard to stay on the positive side of life. (Useless funfacts: Most products made by KBL is made during manic periods. Creativity is a great outlet.)

Twistedly Yours
Kissowa Kamachi