Kissed By Lithium

KBL: Atarax
August 23, 2009, 02:57
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Kissed By Lithium: Atarax. This marvelous pack includes three shimmery, head turning tank tops paired with three sets of color matched earrings and a casual set of white Jeans with sculpted cuffs.
This pack is available in four different color sets.


Atarax Black/Blue/Red on Xstreet


Atarax Black/Pink/Gold on Xstreet


Atarax Black/Silver/Green on Xstreet


Atarax Black/Purple/Teal on Xstreet
or get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium.


KBL Freebie Time!
July 24, 2009, 13:40
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I figured it was time for a new freebie, something summery. So this is what I came up with. A tanktop for the girls and unisex surfershorts.
You’ll find it in the back of the store.