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January 28, 2010, 14:29
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Kissed By Lithium is moving over to a new fancy domain
Update your bookmarks and come join us.


Santa barfed all over KBL!

Okay, you junkies, we know you’re suffering from withdrawal because we’re late with you’re pills, but just wait and read on, there’s so much coming at you this week you might have an overdose! PS. Make sure you read til you find out the big holiday news we have for you!

First up we have our two new pills for the week:

Fedrin is a perfect wintry outfit for the cold days ahead with it’s warm sweater and clingy leggings. It features a sweater that can be worn with or without the sculpted collar and a pair of tight, wool leggings. You can buy Fedrin in four colors : Green, purple, red or black.

Papacon is a hot, sultry short set with a low-cut tied up shirt. It comes with an optional star tattoo for your chest, a shirt with sculpted prim knot, and two pairs of shorts, one with cut out stars and one without. You can pick up Papacon in four colors : Red, purple, blue, and yellow.

Next up we have a new group gift out. Yes, we did notice that it’s December, and hopefully you did too! Our group gift for the month features a shirt, fur trimmed skirt and panties. Make sure you have the Kissed by Lithium group active when you click the sign to get yours.

For our weekly freebie, we offer you two shredded tanks, one with a holiday background and one in red. Make sure you grab your set today!

Onto the super huge big news! Kissed by Lithium has been visited by Santa, and he’s got no less than eight fantastic gifts to offer you! Wait for your letter to come up and they can all be yours! (The letter changes every 10 minutes) If you don’t want to wait for santa, you can buy the gifts from the display next to the jolly fellow!

Also, the Peace on Earth Hunt 2 is going on right now, and it comes through KBL. Hunt out a big globe and our hunt gift will be yours!

As always,
Twistedly Yours,
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish

Mobile Home… Mobile Store?
August 15, 2009, 19:35
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I’m starting to think that people who live in mobile homes are on to something.

Our new landlord turned out to be Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and our neighbor turned out to be Asshole of the Year. So yes, were moving again. So in about… 24 hours, you can go here and check out our new place. Well, techically you can go now, but there won’t be much to check out.

New Store and New Release.
August 5, 2009, 15:30
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Kissed by Lithium had some poultry problems, so we needed to move our store. It’s finally finished, located in a nice lagfree business sim. So delete you old LM’s and go here instead!


We also release a new jewelery set; Kissed By Lithium: Activella. This set declares you’re a woman. Shout it to the world, and let them take note of this beautifully designed necklace, lipring and earrings, to make one outstanding jewelery set.

It comes in Gold and Silver, and to celebrate our new store, the gold set is half-off, only in store. That’s 50L for the whole set, a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.


Activella Gold On Xstreet


Activella Silver on Xstreet or get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium

Enjoy the new store, we sure will!

Twistedly Yours
Kissowa Kamachi & Marja Languish.

Sneak Peak.
July 31, 2009, 14:54
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Yeah, it’s been silent here for a little while, I know. Marja’s on vacation at the beach and I’m… well, building a new store. Again. A small poultry problem has made the tower tilt for me and we’re leaving our current landlord for a new (and hopefully better) one. But the parcel I bought, allthough a better deal, was a diffrent size than our current. So yeah… I have to build… and build some more… and then… more building. But hey, it’s gonna be a fancy schmancy lagfree awesomesauce store when I’m done!


KBL: Imovane (We Can Haz Store!)
July 2, 2009, 17:09
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KBL: Imovane comes in a million colors (ok, 7) and contains a sheer haltertop, a bikini and some surfershorts (with a prim bow). We entered the blue version of this into the Hotel Dare contest “I can haz store?” and we actually came in sixth place, which earns us a branch store on their premisses. Yay for us!
I’ll post a slurl and pics when we’re all set up in our second crib.


KBL: Imovane in Blue on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Pink on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Orange on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Black on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Red on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Green on Xstreet


KBL: Imovane in Purple on Xstreet
Or Get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium

July 1, 2009, 05:30
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Well, turns out that building a store wasn’t nearly as hard as I thought it was. It’s more or less done now, all we gotta do is move it up and move the stuff to all the right places. I’m quite happy with the clean look of it and I’m very proud to say I built and textured it all from scratch. I even made the textures. *pats herself on the back*