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KBL Monthly Prescription
November 7, 2009, 02:48
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We know we’re a little bit late with this weeks prescription, we’re very sorry for any withdrawal we might have caused. But to make up for it we are literally throwing pills at you today, so get ready for your monthly prescription.

Let’s start off with Lyrica Pinstripes. A flirty pinstriped outfit perfect for mix and match. You get two vests, one closed and one open, a shortsleeved shirt, a pair of hotpants, a skirt and stockings. Everything comes on multiple layers and can be combined in a mass of ways. Lyrica Pinstripe comes in Black and White.



To match Lyrica Pinstripes (or anything else for that matter) we got Lyrica Shirts in multiple colors. You get two colors to each pack and all layers included. Lyrica Shirts comes in Black & White, Pink & Yellow, Red & Purple aswell as Blue & Green.


Next up we got the Lasix Dress. A silky, corseted dress with a flouncy layered skirt to bring out the lolita in you. Lasix is available in four jeweltones : Red, Black, Green and Purple. Dress and stockings included with purchase.



Of course we won’t stop there. Onto the freebies! Novembers group gift is a great outfit with bolers, top and pants included. Activate your tag and click the group gift vendor in the store.


This weeks freebie is a sweet one aswell. You get these awesome shirt with laced back, all three for Zero L$.


New month also mean fresh stock in the Midnight Mania, Lucky Cupcake and Lucky Chair. All the more reason to come running to Kissed By Lithium right now!


KBL: Keflex and Toradol
October 9, 2009, 01:29
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New weekend and new goodie pills to set you in the right mood.

Keflex is an outfit inspired by my two favourite things about this season. The fantastic explosion of colors in nature and the chance to cuddle up in a soft, warm cardigan. Made in the autum color palette you’ll find a cardigan and a dress on multiple layers for easy mix and match. I know some of you dread the “crotchflap” so I’ve included two options for skirts.

Keflex comes in the autumcolors of Rust/Red, Orange/Yellow, Olive/Green and Brown/Beige.



Toradol, a glittering treat for the eyes! This uniquely cut top and matching booty shorts all done up in a sparkly glitter are perfect for the club or anywhere you want to draw a little extra attention! Toradol comes in Red, Blue, Green, Purple and an Overdose pack which includes all colors for a discount.



We’re not done with that, no no. Our MM’s are restocked and we got a brand new groupgift up for grabs. All you have to do is wear your tag and click the groupgift vendor in the store.


Shoes and more…

We have had such a busy week at Kissed by Lithium, and we’re only halfway thru! But we’ve got such goodness to share we’re telling you now!

First off, SHOES! That’s right, Kissed by Lithium is proud to present it’s first set of shoes : Vivalan! These yummy heels are studded velvet, perfect for the upcoming fall days. They come in five warm velvet shades and there’s a demo available in store. You can’t miss it, there’s a big spinning shoe on top of the display!

vivalan poster


Get them on Xstreet; Green, Red, Purple, Blue & Black.

Next we have this sexy outfit: Allegra, a whimsical modern day gypsy look for the sexy woman! It includes a Bolero, Bikini Top and Bottom, stockings and a flexi skirt in a black rose pattern. This outfit is ready for a wide variety of styles with it’s many pieces.



Allegra is available in Blue, Green, Red and Pink.

Next up is a new addition to our line of tees and tanks. Don’t be shy, we know you love them! This newest series, a soft pink tank on jacket layer, declaring just what kind of Queen you are! Buy singly or in the fatpack! The series includes “Mute Queen” “Shopping Queen” “Gesture Queen” and “Drama Queen.” Buy the fatpack for a discount!


Next up are the goodies for you! There’s a brand new item in the group only gift vendor, a special color of Allegra, not available for sale! Activate your tag and come grab it.


In the lucky chair we’ve rotated out the prizes PLUS we’ve added a tank from the Queen series that’s not available to buy. It reads “Lucky Chair Queen.” We think some serious chair stalking is in order to grab yours!

Our Midnight Mania’s have been updated with two new items and our Lucky Cupcake Dip now has TWO items to dip for!

Also, we’re taking part of the Mother/Daughter Hunt. So hunt out two hearts in the store for a Adult gift and a Child’s gift.


Puh… That’s it I think. We hope to see you running in to Kissed by Lithium soon!