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KBL: Ativan & Seroquel
July 16, 2009, 02:08
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Two new releases today, Marja’s been a busy bee.

KBL: Ativan. This outfit is a breath of fresh air for the summer months. It includes a bikini, a detailed flowered choker, and a breezy skirt with rope belt to pull it all together. Comes in Blue, Aqua, Dark Pink and Dusty Pink.


KBL: Seroquel: This dress is perfect for your inner doll, with it’s cute design and fluffy skirt, includes choker that matches the skirt’s belt. Seroquel doll dress is available in six different colors. Try one or several for your inner doll or for any party or dress up affair! Pink, Orange, Green, Blue, Silver & Purple.


Or you can get them InWorld @ Kissed By Lithium.